Camp || wandawega in wisconsin

We recently were invited to a friends ‘Lake Resort‘ …. in Elkhorn WI …. YES I said ‘Lake Resort’ for a weekend titled ‘Band Camp’ …. YES I also said ‘Band Camp‘! What a glorious 1950’s summer weekend we had … The minute we arrived we knew that we were some place very special .. and believe me we were! …. I SO wish those walls could talk to me .. to tell me tales of yesteryear when the place was filled with ‘ladies for admiring’ …[if you had some cash …if you know what I mean – nudge nudge wink wink] … OH and the guy hiding in the tree down the beaten path wasn’t playing hide and seek … NOPE! He was there to warn ‘vacationers’ to pack-up their party and head for the trap door .. the one that of course lead to the boats that could whisk you across the lake … [I so wish I had a time travel machine … take me back to prohibition / speakeasy days! ] … Amazing history the 20’s the 30’s the 40’s the 50’s .. and then there is the NOW! This place has been locked and loaded for eternity [I hope] in the 1950’s and a GREAT choice I might add! This place is a living breathing perfectly curated vintage summer camp! The collections on walls floors, beds, and you name it are not just for looks but are there to be used… I mean seriously … WORDS DO NOT DESCRIBE here .. the TREEHOUSE love it … the rope swing over the lake .. the quilt room .. the fiestaware … the the the ..  I stumble to get the visuals out in words ……. I could go on … let’s hope the photos help you get an idea of what I am talking about  and put an end to my rambling –>

We felt very privileged to not only be invited to attend Band Camp .. BUT we got to stay in the adorable ‘very modest cottage‘ …. LITTLE and rustic but perfect for the adventure of indoor camping! ….. So anyway – WHERE OH WHERE does the Band Camp come into this picture …. WELL it was the theme / motivation for getting people to Wandawega Lake Resort [also available for rent] … It was an event sponsored by Earhole Studios…..they had some amazing live acts assembled for us to listen to on Saturday Night .. and all the while we got to mingle and munch and meet some great new friends [that live in our ‘hood too – who knew we had to go all the way to WI to meet them] … And we got to enjoy the MASSIVE super hot bonfire [’cause we need that in summer…but what is camp without one?] and fireworks [… the ambience was perfect – just don’t get to close – hot!]… Such a fun lakeside quintessential, all American, midwest, summer camp experience. Seriously an AWESOME weekend! Thanks T&D&F for the invite!


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