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Located on Ashland, this newbie – here in Chicago is DELICIOUS ….. and DELIGHTFUL! But it reminds me of my dog. A quick story – we once had a HUGE Rottweiler [named Hudson – R.I.P], seriously I can’t emphasis enough how huge this dog was … anyway the short of it is … he was nicknamed Huddy-Ruxbin … inspired by a combination of him having bear look-alike qualities [Teddy] and the fact that when he growled he sounded like a tape being chewed [Teddy Ruxbin sometimes malfunctioned and chewed cassette tapes] …… But now there is a NEW “Ruxbin” that has become my fave [don’t fear Hudson you could never be replaced]! This time we are talking about a BYOB Restaurant offer up amazing seasonal flavors. The Chef = Edward [Teddy] Kim, was fortunate to work at Per Se [Thomas Keller], and we my friends now get the pleasure of his learning experiences. The food is so good, the interior is creative, recycled, unique and cosy, whilst the staff are so hospitable and cute [and really seem to enjoy their jobs]. The tip with this place is – they don’t take reservations so get there early, and did I mention it is BYOB! Yippee! I ‘heart’ RUXBIN!  Check it out!—>

Inside Ruxbin!

..the artful recycled bench made from car seat-belts!

...delectable fries and the 'crave' worthy avocado toast!... this is truly so good ...

..elotes [corn was so sweet and juicy

MoJo Chicken with shaved fennel

..panna cotta ...mmm so creamy!

Here is the Ruxbin website with the story behind all the fabulousness .. and some important details.

WHERE: 851 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL
WHAT: The menu is kept mixed up, serving fresh seasonal produce as we pass through the season …. but EVERYTHING we tried the couple of times we have been since opening has been great… the avocado toast – YUM!
WHEN: Dinner ONLY || Tuesday to Sunday 5.30pm to 10.00pm – call to double check (312) 624-8509
HOW: Dine-In || BYOB || No reservations

Ruxbin Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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