Venetian || campari cocktail

It is cocktail time! And I have ‘THE VENETIAN’ on my mind ….
What’s that you ask ??? .. Well we didn’t know it’s name … so we gave it a one! … It was a random assignment vs. something thoughtfully crafted … We started to refer to this delightful concoction as the drink we had in Venice and then it just kinda morphed into us referencing it as ‘THE VENETIAN! We discovered this little number that has become our signature drink for summer 2010 … whilst in Europe this summer [a whole other post or ten worth of adventure tales, gathered on a 18 day trip: covering 16 cities; across 6 countries; all with my parents in-tow] …..

The owner of the bar ..that drew us in...

... a time stamped memory ...

..THE DRINK ...!

..the locals that made us curious ...


..the drink that got us drunk ....

So WHAT THE $%*& IS IT!!!! Alright I will get to the point! It is straightforward really: equal parts Campari to white wine. Although I have placed my own twist to it! I do it like this: 1 part Campari; 1 part white wine; and 1/2 to 1 part soda water…. Whichever way you mix it add a slice of lemon and serve on the rocks, oh and ideally in a LARGE wine goblet…



What do you think?

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