Sublime sushi || arami

We are really excited that West-Town [here in Chicago] is really getting some great new restaurants come into our ‘hood ……. and with a roaring trade from the minute they open I might add ! When we first moved here, there was not even a decent supermarket [when the Dominick’s opened we went to the opening day celebrations – THAT is how excited we were], and now our patience is paying off as we start to see a resurgence in the growth of our little community. Our current excitement is focused on the newly opened Arami [meaning garden] …. a blissful oasis of japanese delicacies in the tranquil surrounds of a beautifully renovated store front, replete with light via an impressive skylight supported by reclaimed beams. The restaurant features 4 areas: Bar||Sushi-Bar||Dining Room||Patio. Right now they are waiting on their liquor license so they are BYOB [at least for another 4-6 weeks]. For a place that just opened it’s doors it works like a Samuria army.

Here are the details ……

WHERE: 1829 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL
WHAT: Of particular interest for our return visit […SOON] is the Sushi Bar which has a Chef’s Tasting Menu option, and there is even a special seat for two lucky diners [I will be making a reservation} to watch the chef as he creates his treats. The ‘off-menu’ hand rolls are a must, all the Sushi we had was amazing [no soy required here], also on the ‘to try’ list are their Noodles & Donburi dishes they looked great walking past us! In addition, they offer their menu as take-out via pick-up, with the plan to have delivery available eventually.
WHEN: Open on Tuesday -Thursday, Sun 5 pm – 10:30 pm and on Friday-Sat 5 pm – 11 pm – call to double check (312) 243-1535
HOW: Dine-In || Take-Out || Yes – Reservations

Arami on Urbanspoon

Sushi X … you might just become our eX Sushi !!!!


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