Cottonwood cottage || union pier in michigan

We love making a visit to the Lake after Labor Day, when all the madness has ceased and we get the Lake and Countryside to ourselves. A weekend away where we get to enjoy lazy days that are focused around: food & wine with friends; sleeping in; farm visits; winery tours: antiquing; and walks on the beach…… To get such said ‘bliss’ we typically like to visit Harbor Country [Union Pier, Michiana, New Buffalo area] renting a cottage for four. This year with our rental we struck gold with ‘Cottonwood’. An adorable farmhouse without the musty odor, uncomfortable beds, poorly equipped kitchen, and tiny little bathroom for all to share. This place is far from that description and comes FULLY LOADED. I mean when the owners renovated this place they built it for entertaining and for sharing, and from the minute you turn into the driveway you feel this house welcoming you …

DESCRIPTION: The kitchen is stocked ready for gourmet creations from farm fresh finds, and there are 2 [not 1] BBQs. The HUGE patio and garden provide a serene setting for cocktails and meals! There are beds for 9 adults, and 2 bathrooms, and even a laundry room. I tell you this place is a home-away-from-home. Big cosy comfy chairs in the sitting room, and a massive great room for watching TV and snuggling by the fire, with a large group there is plenty of room for all to spread out that you would never feel on-top of each other. The decor is country vintage chic, filled with fabulous finds from local antique stores. It would be a great place for a Thanksgiving celebration, serving up a feast for a huge gathering, as there are plenty of plates, glasses, napkins and serving ware to make a beautifully set table. We will be back to visit.
LOCATION: Union Pier, Michigan. About 90 minutes drive from Chicago.
HIGHLIGHTS: The screened in porch that is perfect for lazy mornings as you savor coffee and shake the debauchery from the night before. The rocking chairs under the oak tree to enjoy whilst sipping cocktails. The comfy sitting room in candle light with wine and cheese. The cosy beds to snuggle in at night, and the wonderful towels in the bathroom that are artfully embroidered.
WEBSITE: Cottonwood Bookings

What can you do when you are there? LOADS OF FUN here are some ideas, just get out there and explore and if you have anything to add to the list please leave a comment:


  • Walk on the Lake Front
  • Rent Bikes and Ride through the Country Lanes
  • Visit the The Whistle Stop Grocery for great sandwiches, pastries and coffee or gourmet supplies for dinner.


  • Stop into the beautiful store – Marco Polo for great mid-century / vintage finds.
  • Rummage through the piles of goodies waiting to be found at Harbert Antique Mall.
  • Adorn your home with finds from the Judith Racht Gallery.


  • Browse at Ipso Facto for vintage goodies [you can’t go in without buying something]
  • Enjoy the eye candy at Trilogy Antiques perfectly curated collection under one roof too many temptations here too.
  • Get outfitted at French Twist in a unique selection of European designers clothes for women, all purchases from here remain on my favorite things to wear list.
  • Snack at Froehlichs on tasty sandwiches and grab some goodies for your cheese platter in the evening.
  • Purchase up some meat for the BBQ back at the cottage at Driers or also grab some smoked goods and cheese.
  • Grab some great farm fresh finds from farm stands like: Dinges Farm; Edge of the Woods [Great Pies], Granor Farm [Organic Produce] just to name a few.
  • Visit the Wine Shop @ Acorn Theater for a great selection of wines and beers for your farm fresh meal.


  • Woodfire Pizza Naples Style at Stop 50 is always a must for lunch or dinner.
  • Soe Cafe in Sawyer for a Lunch or Dinner stop.
  • Grab your grocery items and fresh vegetables and fruits from Sawyer Garden Center.
  • Visit some local wineries for some local flavor like the Round Barn or Hickory Creek.
Click here for a post on where to EAT and click here for where to SHOP when in the area.

4 responses to Cottonwood cottage || union pier in michigan

  1. rebecca weidner

    We just got back home after spending a week at Cottonwood, while we prepared for our son’s wedding in St. Joseph. There were at various times, anywhere from 7-14 people staying there, and at no time did we feel cramped for space. We brought 3 dogs,2 Australian shepherds and a border collie, who had as good a time as we did! We held the wedding rehearsal in the back yard and the rehearsal dinner in the house. This is a place truly made for entertaining, for laughter and love. We just cannot say enough good things about it


  2. Sage & Style

    Fantastic resource! We’re always interested in retreats that aren’t 4 + hours away. I had a very stylish friend who vacationed in Sawyer … I’ve always been intrigued. And now they’ve got the food too!


    • Valentine Post Author

      The kitchen had every gadget to boot [bread maker included] … just add friends food and wine and you have a very ‘stylish’ weekend installed! : )


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