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For those that love to cook .. I feel confident in saying that you are likely just like me, and you hate the part that involves the cleaning-up. Well this week is a dedication to ONE-POT-MEALS. And there is no better place to start than with BREAKFAST. To prove that this is a ONE-pot-whizz [easy to make and easy to clean-up] this was made whilst we were away camping….. Our friend JL spotted the recipe and decided that it had to be on the menu for the weekend. Good choice, and we thank-you for this introduction, “it’s a keeper” for the recipe files, and comes from one of JL’s fave places to eat in London – Ottolenghi [who by-the-way have a great cookbook].

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All the details for this recipe can be found HERE, but this is my down and dirty take on it.

PART ONE: Chop and prep all the ingredients that need to go into this dish.
PART TWO: Char some cherry tomatoes in the pan [can also use larger tomatoes cut up], once cooked set them aside to add later.
PART THREE: Add the onions and potato with the garlic into a roasting pan, splash on some olive oil and season with pepper and salt over medium to high heat.
PART FOUR: Once the potato & onion is cooked through, add the tomatoes, season some more, add in sugar, some sumac and lemon if you want, you can even add some herbs, stir and cook a little more to dissolve the sugar.
PART FIVE: Crack farm fresh eggs over the top. Drizzle with tahini. Cook the eggs through, by covering the pan with a lid.
PART SIX: Prep some yoghurt by mixing in some lemon and a little oil to taste.
PART SEVEN: Once the eggs are cooked, add over the top the yoghurt and fresh chopped herbs! Serve and Eat.

This is a great dish to serve up family style straight out of the pan. It is visually so delightful, and the fragrance from the herbs rounds out the eye-candy with some intense aromas that has everyone armed with utensils ready dig in before it even hits the table.

A special thanks also goes to Kinnikinnick Farms for the wonderful organic produce and farm fresh eggs! Starting any recipe with the BEST ingredients is always a good start.


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