Big star + black dog || a nite on damen

Friday night and the lights are low .. looking out for a place to go. The decision was made whilst texting on the runway: get straight off the plane; onto the train; and jump off at Damen; to meet up with my Husband for a ‘cheap & cheerful’ Friday Night.

Out of the ‘L’ station doors I dump my suitcase in the car and we head into ‘BIG STAR‘ for much-needed beers & tacos & marg’s. YES – Big Star can be a scene with a long line, but if you head there with a party of two, and are prepared to sit at the bar inside [AND you get there early enough] the wait is typically not there. Either way – once you get at the bar .. the wait for the $3.00 tacos is worth it.

..there is that 'line' as seen as we left ..

..Prime room view at the bar ...


Tacos Al Pastor - that delicious pork & pineapple...

Tostada De Chorizo house-made

Fresh house-made chips & guac = $6.00

Big Star Margarita = Smoky potent little number!

The ever busy BIG STAR!

Now for DESSERT!

BLACK DOG - Storefront on Damen!

Hey gelato classes coming soon ....

Too many tasty choices!

My fave = Mexican Hot Chocolate & Salted Peanut!

Nighthawks at the ....

.. their hours!

WHERE: 1531 N. Damen Avenue Chicago IL 60622
WHAT: EATWhere do I start? For $3 bucks you can’t go wrong everything is consistent and bursting with flavor here. I never pass up the ‘Tacos Al Pastor’, if a lover of cheese, the ‘Queso Fundido’ is a must. Anything that starts with the word ‘Tostada’ must also be had. For DRINKS – there is a ever changing beer selection, but I always start with a ‘Victoria‘ and then move onto a Marg: the smoky BIG STAR variety topping the list of faves. Want just the food without the line – head to the take-out window.
WHEN: This is a LUNCH & DINNER spot open 7 days a week with hours from 11.30Am until 2.00Am  [Saturday until 3.00Am]– call to double-check (773) 235-4039
HOW: Dine-In || Walk-In || Window for Take-Out || CASH ONLY!

Big Star on Urbanspoon

Then it’s on to dessert…. heading south on Damen to BLACK DOG GELATO. The only thing worthy of stopping for during the occupancy of the last tenant in this building was the gelato. So when we heard that Black Dog was taking over the space we were delighted. There isn’t a bad choice to be made here.

WHERE: 859 N. Damen Ave Chicago IL 60622
WHAT: I can never go past the ‘Mexican Hot-Chocolate’ with it’s sweet heat and velvety chocolate finish paired with some ‘Salted Peanut’ to balance the flavors. However, I have a new flavor discovery and that is the ‘Goat Cheese-Cashew Caramel with ‘Malted Chocolate’ hard to say which would win in an arm wrestle. Lots of seasonal delights here with plenty of imagination. Heaven for the gelato fan!
WHEN: Hours are 7 days a week from 12 Noon until 10.00Pm [Saturday until 11.ooPm] sometimes they close early if they sell-out – call to double-check (773) 235-3116
HOW: Walk-In || CASH ONLY!

Black Dog Gelato on Urbanspoon


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