Bon-sorry || Bonsoiree [CLOSED]

Bonsoiree had been on the ‘to-do’ list for a long time and we were really looking forward to trying this place out. BUT this restaurant comes with a thumbs up and down! It started off food-wise with a bang .. but then all went sour …. it was the service that made things go downhill and shifted the focus entirely from the food to the service. BUT before I get to that part – here is what did work: it is BYOB: and the first two dishes of the night really lived up to their descriptions … here is a peek at the food:

So what was with THE SERVICE? Well – to me the dining experience is part food and part service, both with equal importance in getting me to hand over my hard-earned cash! Here is where I will let you be the judge. It started with the lack of CHEF presence at the table that was promised in the pitch to entice you to the monthly “6 course UNDERGROUND experience ….with CHEF service for every guest” … Obviously that night the Chef truly was underground, because when asked where he was, we were told he wasn’t even in the house [strike ONE]. Then we move over to our server [also the restaurant manager]. We first heard him telling the table next to us [this place is small and very easy to overhear]  “… you are going to hate this, I know already!” [this creates an alarm bell but not a strike]. We then witnessed the other wait person having to drag [by the sleeve] our server away from a table to help her serve the rest of guests before their food perished [another alarm getting closer to another strike]. Then, our last dish arrived somewhat under the weather, we questioned when it had been cooked and were answered with debate and disdain, and promptly ignored [strike TWO]. We finally have to ask for the tea and coffee service that was being offered to everyone else. AND when we asked, said servers reaction was “.. you complain a great deal ….are you trying to avoid paying the bill …?” [Jaws x 4 drop to floor – Strike THREE – you are SO out!].

WHERE: 2728 W Armitage Ave Chicago IL 60647
WHAT: 1. Gazpacho: in salad form, 2. Crab-Scal-Mundi Cake, Sweet & Spicy Aiolis, Cornbread Tempura Globe Carrot Pickle, White Celery and Green Garlic Slaw, 3. “The Pub Crawl” Shot of Whiskey & White Cheddar (Soup), New Potato Frites w/ Salted Oberon Caramel, Buffalo Duck Confit Bites, Sumac-Vodka Ranch , 4. Lobster-Rabbit Carbonara, Pancetta Gnocchi, Lobster Mushroom Chips, Sherry, English Pea & Quail Egg Gratan, 5. Candied Vegetable Cereal, Yogurt-Chicago Honey Emulsion, Granola Crisp, Slow-Roasted Strawberries, 6. Belgian White Chocolate Waffle Pie: Preserved Plums & Nectarines, Brownie Sauce, Huckleberry Crème Brûlée Ice Cream, Banana-Pink Peppercorn Whipped Cream.
WHEN: This is a DINNER spot open Tuesday to Sunday from 5:00pM until 10:00pm – call to double-check (773) 486-7511
Dine-In || Reservations Required

I was hesitant to write this review, and even called the restaurant to discuss the experience, after all we were there for a friend’s birthday and it kinda put a downer on our celebratory mood. I was told we must have misinterpreted the Managers ‘playful  sarcasm’ – whatever! Anyway I was told that I would get a call back or something in the mail to allow a second chance or an opportunity for them to apologize, more than two weeks have passed – NOTHING! I will let you decide for yourself …

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