House on the rock || wisconsin

I have repeatedly made visits to this oddity, it is hard to say exactly what it is all about, yes it is a House on the Rock, that was only ever slept in once, but is so much more than that. Words truly don’t describe it, and photos don’t do it justice, I guess it is a museum of sorts. It has an abundant collection of cars, and planes, and machinery, and music machines, and dolls, and stuff, loads and loads of stuff, that has continued to grow since 1956 when it was all started by Alex Jordon Junior. Yes the house is cool, but it is the collections of things artfully displayed in HUGE rooms the size of airplane hangers, that have you twisting and turning all over the place to look the collections up and down. It never ceases to amaze and delight and is well worth the visit to experience it for yourself. Oh, and with Christmas around the corner, head there with the whole family for the holiday decorating, featuring over 6000 Santa Claus figures [Start Nov 6th].

WHERE: 5754 State Road 23 Spring Green, WI 53533 Phone: 800-334-5275
WHAT: It is down the road from ‘Spring Green’ so make a day trip and visit home of Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin [who BTW was mortified by House on the Rock], pop in to pay your respects to Frank at his grave, and then head to House on the Rock. Be warned House on the Rock is visually over stimulating, and it is a lot to take in, you can easily spend 3 plus hours here.
WHEN: It’s open all year round and closed for a few of the holidays, best to call and check. Adult tickets are $20 bucks and kids are $12.
HOW: It is about 3 1/2 hour drive from Chicago, about 1 hour from Madison WI, and 1 hour from Wisconsin Dells. There are plenty of other attractions in the area so make it a weekend trip or at least an overnight stay. It is not the No#1 attraction in the State for nothing!


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