Eat || the paramount room

The Paramount Room is a great neighborhood gem! The perfect perch for a Saturday and/or Sunday brunch with a hang-over. The staff are great and the food is always just want I am looking for to cure what ails me. It’s cozy and low-key whenever I am here on the weekend & I like it that way, that’s what keeps me going back [what seems like every other weekend]. I love sitting in the front window in the winter with the sun beaming in on me – makes me purr like a cat – beer in hand and pile of steak tartare to savor the moment, ooh the Bloody Mary’s are good too.

WHERE: 415 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL 60654
WHAT: The beer selection, ranging from Belgium & France to US craft brews – fantastic, and they are always happy to let you try before you buy. Steak Tartare – truly in my opinion it is THE BEST in the city. The fried tempura green beans are also a great snack. I have never eaten the famed ‘Kobe Burger’ but it looks great, I always go for the Croque Madame and/or the Handcut fries, that is if I am not eating the steak tartare.
WHEN: This is a BRUNCH, LUNCH, DINNER & BAR spot. Open 7 days a week, on Monday thru Wednesday they open at 3PM, and then Thursday thru Sunday they open at 11AM– call to double-check (312) 829-6300
HOW: Dine-In || Walk-In || Reservations for Dinner only.

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