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Sable – Kitchen & Bar, ordinarily this place would not be on my dining experience list, after all it is apart of a hotel, and from my travel experiences, food in a hotel is usually a place you end-up, not where you go. Sable proved me wrong! Let’s start with complimenting the service staff, our server ‘Jeff’ was quick to acknowledge our existence and got straight to our drink orders. He then explained the menu, helped make some recommendations, and our order was PROMPTLY fired away, before we could say ‘… you want to try my cocktail?’ … food was arriving. The General Manager also did the rounds greeting customers and making sure that everyone had what they needed. Chef Heather Terhune even made an appearance, presenting one of our courses. It was a busy night but the service team never made you feel like you where just another number. NOW let’s get to the food  – these people know how to fry, if I was ever so broke that I had to eat my couture shoe collection, I am sure they could make my Louboutin‘s taste great. Most dishes are served 1/2 serve or full serve, for 2 people we did the 1/2 serves which was perfect for enabling us to try as many of Chef’s creations as possible. The food prices are very reasonable ranging from $3 to $16 bucks with a few heavy and huge plates at $30 mark, the wine here is not a bargain, the only down side. All-in-all worth a visit and very likely will return.

WHERE: 1505 North State Street, Chicago IL 60654
WHAT: A fan of fried chicken, the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Drumettes are perfection, and speaking of fried try the Rock Shrimp-Corn Fritters you won’t be disappointed. The Deviled Eggs with truffle oil, and black trumpet mushrooms and the Mini Tuna Tartar Tostadas were served too cold for my liking, but once we let them come to room temperature they tasted great. Sliders & Mini-Burgers are my next recommendation: Crispy Pork Belly B.L.T’s served on a bun & the Bison Short Rib Sliders with the root beer glaze both acted as crowd pleasers. I thought the Pretzel Crusted Fried Calamari alone tasted good, but the bourbon-honey mustard was a miss for me, too heavy on the bourbon. That was the same experience with the cocktail ‘Drunken Pig’ someone at Sable loves to pour it on. We were filling up at this point but enjoyed dessert, as you know Bread Pudding is fave – and their version is good – Dried Cherry-Chocolate Bread Pudding with dark chocolate sauce & bourbon ice cream, this was 1 of 9 desserts to select from.
WHEN: This is a BREAKFAST, LUNCH and DINNER spot. Served up 7 days a week opening at 7.00AM and closing at 11.00PM [Sundays they start an hour later and close and hour earlier] – call to double-check (312) 755-9704
HOW: Dine-In || Walk-In || Reservations

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