Henri || the brother to ‘the gage’

Henri the dapper brother to The Gage, he is far more sophisticated and refined, but of equal standard in: taste, experience and service. Chef Dirk Flanigan has done it again, creating a tempting menu from top to bottom, leaving us wondering where to start to finish – we wanted it all. And Billy Lawless with his crew pulled together a beautiful room of velvet covered walls and chairs in rich hues of chocolate-brown and royal blues, topped off with crisp white table cloths. The menu is filled with french classics perfectly prepared but this is Dirk Flanigan, so there is going to be a pleasant twist thrown in to make it somewhat American but unique. The ‘Plat du Jour’ section is a refreshing idea, we where here on a Friday – Bouillabaisse is listed. It wafted past our table several times looking splendid. A huge catch all of fish and shellfish artfully piled into the bowl, the broth then served at the table, as it poured out the smell had us enchanted. We certainly will return to try it for ourselves. We also need to make a mention of the fantastic sommelier – Shebnem Ince, allow her to take you on a wine journey with your meal, her selections and parings are impeccable.

WHERE: 18 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago IL 60603
WHAT: When I close my eyes and think back on the meal the Veal Checks with the freshly shaved truffle jumps out at me [soon to appear on the new menu], the sliced shiitake mushrooms had our eyes rolling and mouths dancing for joy. The Florida Snapper was a perfectly cooked piece of fish crisp and flaky. The Crispy Pork Belly Salad, paired with strawberries what a brilliant and simple idea. The oysters preparation was not only divine tasty if looked gorgeous. Love that they serve champagne by the glass here, and in a coupe – very fancy and fun. The Dessert would make any French Pastry Chef proud, the delicate pastries and the velvety creams – almost had us believe we were in Paris.
WHEN: This is a weekday DINNER & LUNCH spot and on the weekends is a DINNER spot. Served up 7 days a week starting at 11.00AM until 11.00PM Monday thru Friday, and on Saturday & Sunday they open at 5.00PM until 11.00PM – call to double-check (312) 578-0763
HOW: Dine-In || Walk-In || Reservations

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