Farnsworth || mies masterpiece

This house is a must ‘see’ for any architectural fan. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House in Plano, Illinois , about 58 miles from downtown is breathtakingly beautiful. It is small and efficient, and feels so peaceful and dreamy in its surroundings. Despite all the debate over the practicality of living in this space, that is susceptible to flooding and all the harsh elements, I still want my own perfect little glass house.

WHERE: 14520 River Road, Plano, IL 60545
WHAT: Take a guided tour, they are small groups and you get to learn more about the history of Farnsworth, including information on restoration projects that are incredibly interesting, the level of painstaking work and cost that goes into this little gem is astounding. Don’t think you can just turn up and see the house, it isn’t visible from the road. Paying for a tour is the only way to see it.
WHEN: Call – (630) 552-0052 or go online to make reservations for a tour. There are different packages for groups and individuals. They now will allow you to photograph the interior, but you will be required to buy a permit.
HOW: This place is best visited by car. You can get there on the train from downtown Chicago, getting off at Aurora or Plano and then catching a cab.

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