Dinner party tablescapes

I have a confession … I work from home and well …. we know how that goes … thank goodness we don’t use video conferencing … ’cause what you might see is me in the same PJ’s for 3 days watching my hair get increasingly greasy .. or me in a towel out of the shower … or me making items for tablescapes for a dinner party … yep I have cut carved and pasted my craft projects whilst solving business problems and talking about pricing strategies … Anyway [let’s move past that confession] .. we are coming up on Holiday season and thought I would share how I turned one dinner setting into another and another … got to love recycling your way through the holiday season!

Supermarket flowers & christmas decorations.

Votives for vases and gift boxes for place settings.

Pumpkins, craft paper, supermarket flowers.

..and lots of candles.

Pig & Pinot dinner party.

Back of the wreath as the door is glass.

Hand-cut and strung leaves.

Edible table decor.

Pig & Pinot tablescape.

Branches & pumpkins for holiday decor.

More branches and moss.

Thanksgiving tablescape.

Peacocks for more texture.

Wreath pig switched to a turkey.

Blackboard menu.

Blackboard to serve truffles.

Leftover thanksgiving moved into XMAS.

Recreation of Thanksgiving tablescape for XMAS.

Pumpkins out baubles in.


Turkey down, reindeer in.

I love using blackboards [chalkboards] for menus || place-mats || servingware …. The tree branches were cut from a garden at my in-laws house in MI, and had many uses before being discarded …. The leaves hanging from the ceiling are all hand cut [on a conference call] from craft paper and then strung together using sewing kits from hotels [back in the day when they didn’t charge you for them]… And the reef on the door [also made on conference calls] had its custom crafted motifs recycled into homemade greeting cards   … reduce||recycle||reuse|| repeat!


3 responses to Dinner party tablescapes

  1. bladon

    your tablescapes are so lovely! very inspiring, and what a menu you had for thanksgiving! i’m truly impressed.


  2. shannon macdonald

    So inspiring …! I can just imagine how much fun you have. Still use that bee buzzing sugar bowl you painted with me years ago…! xo


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