Stay || in a german medieval castle

For one night we got to experience life as a Princess living in a turret of a Medieval Castle. Situated above the Medieval town of Oberwesel, a UNESCO World Heritage area located in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley in Germany, we rest our weary heads at Schönburg Castle. The building was started in 911 and at one point in the 14th Century housed 240 people from 24 families, it was burnt to the ground in 1689, and laid in ruin for two centuries, when it was rescued by an American and restored to its former glory in 1914. Eventually it was returned to the township, and since 1957 has been leased to a local family that to this day reside in the Castle and run the property as a hotel and restaurant.


DESCRIPTION: This location is a must if you are in the area, accessibility to rooms and the Castle itself require some physical stamina, as the turret rooms require you to carry your luggage up steep twisting stair cases, but you will be well rewarded. Surprisingly the food was great, dinner was a choice of prix-fixe or a-la-carte, and breakfast was a buffet with a large assortment of goodies to select from along with choices from the menu. The setting was spectacular, we started on the terrace with views of the Rhine, but due to weather were shuffled inside to avoid the rain, inside there are multiple dining rooms, each one with a theme and fit for getting you into the spirit of the castle experience. The service was amusing and was like a cast of characters from ‘Faulty-Towers’ if it was set in Germany: the stern Fraulein that scoffed at everything anyone did or asked for; the cute happy-go-lucky skip-through the fields waitress all of 16 and had once left the small town to head to Poland to go shopping; the forgetful and clumsy waiter who’s mannerisms where priceless; and of course the militant blonde-hair-blue-eyed waiter that served with little to no emotion or communication at all.
LOCATION: Best reached by car from: Frankfurt it is just over 1 hour drive: and from Koblenz you are about 40 minutes away.
HIGHLIGHTS: The scroll providing a welcome letter and outline of events, along with the HUGE Knight key chain for your room key that you are presented upon your arrival set the tone for the stay. I loved the room itself, perched high above the property in the turret, with a balcony that was precariously clinging to its side, perfect for letting your hair down and shouting out for your prince to come rescue you. The beds had a suitably ‘pea-in-the-mattress’ appeal, there were treats strewn around the room to ponder and enjoy like the chocolates on the pillows, fresh apples by the window and a decanter of complimentary sherry on the night stand.
WEBSITE: Castle Bookings


6 responses to Stay || in a german medieval castle

  1. Maret Robin Grey

    Although I’m german, I’ve never heard about this castle, but your great post inspired me to visit it:)
    Additionally I wanted to tell you, that I really do love your blog, it’s amazing!


    • Valentine Post Author

      A stay there is a fairytale experience – highly recommended and very romantic. Thanks for the blog love! : )


  2. bspiindler

    Awesome! This is about 2 hours away from me, and I never knew about it. I am for sure going there next weekend with my bf. Thank you so much! :)


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