Eat with || no ‘gilt bar’

Gilt bar is without the gold gilding and is more about a great space that is both casual but impressive. I really like the interior, with the elegantly adorned  mirrors in the bar, a spectacularly oversized dandelion-esque chandelier in the middle of the dining area, all surrounded, and brought back to casual with hefty wooden tables and well-worn leather sofas and bench seating. We have made a repeat visit now, and in summary once you get past the facade and down to the food and drinks that are on offer, I can only say the decor is consistent, but the food not so much. Don’t get me wrong, it is not bad, it is not great, it is just fine overall – it offers no ‘glitz’ to the gilt name – so to speak. Oddly, I will go back because I truly love the space, and the first time I went I loved everything I saw, smelt, tasted and drank, but on our recent repeat visit it was hit and miss with some dishes.

Gilt Bar from Kinzie Street.

The pate served in a jar came with plenty of bread.

The fries nicely presented.

The roasted bone marrow with red onion jam.

Hand cut chunky Steak Tartare.

Homemade gnocchi with brown butter sage sauce.

Apple & Blue Cheese Salad.

Mint chocolate chip ice-cream & brownie.

Love the look of the menu.

WHERE: 230 West Kinzie St, Chicago, IL 60610
WHAT: If steak tartare is on the menu my sonar honing device will find it instantly, at Gilt they make a good effort with the dish adding a slow poached egg yolk for a twist – and this is great – get it if it’s your thing. The roasted bone marrow is nicely prepared; cut lengthwise making it easier to get at the good stuff, however they should turn the lights up in the kitchen because the toast was blackened – I don’t think that was their intent – this made the dish overall just OK. A dish that was exceptional, although also fell victim to the blackened toast, was the pate – pardon me – foie gras & pork liver mousse – it really is good. The more substantial dish – the slow roasted pork belly was GREAT and gobbled up in a second, perfectly balanced and lived up to its description on the menu. The dessert was surprisingly good – a brownie with THE most delicious mint chocolate ice-cream, layers of flaky chocolate with creamy mint ice-cream [and I don’t even like mint ice-cream, but this one is GREAT]. The fries are wasted calories as far as I am concerned, there are better things to have on the menu as they tend to be inconsistently cooked: some soggy; some limp; some crispy; some kevlar. Despite my ranting, give it a try.  Many friends that I dine with really like it, and I promise the next time that we are there I will update my review.
WHEN: This is a DINNER spot. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 4:45PM until Late – call to double-check (312) 464-9544
HOW: Dine-In || Walk-In || Reservations recommended


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One response to Eat with || no ‘gilt bar’

  1. Krista

    LOVED my meal here. Totally agree on the mint chocolate chip ice cream. Cookie dough too. Sad about the inconsistency though because I really want to go back! Loved the cocktail bar downstairs too.


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