Pom wonderful cocktails & hors doeuvres

Who doesn’t love cocktail hour? At our house it starts whenever the day gets dull, and some days that is early [wink wink]. For our POM DINNER PARTY the hour started at 6:00pm as guests arrived they were greeted with a choice of Pomegranate COCKTAILS to wet their whistle. 

Not wanting the guests to get too inebriated before the dinner bell rang, we provided Pomegranate HORS D’OEUVRE pairings to the cocktails.

Nibbles and cocktails are my favorite thing to eat and make, although they tend to be more time consuming to put together than a sit down dinner, requiring lots of components, and then assembly is required [thank goodness the instructions usually make more sense than IKEA furniture].

All filled with merriment from the cocktails, we headed into the main event of the evening – Dinner [phew – time to get off the heels for a bit]. Next up is all the details on dinner & dessert, but in the meantime here is a recipe for one of the favorite nibbles of the night – Pomegranate Blue Cheese Truffles. POM Appetit!


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