Pom wonderful behind the scenes

Here is a look behind the scenes, once we had our guests confirmed and the menu determined, there was also a lot of PREP WORK that took place over the week leading up to the dinner that went into the making of all the dishes.

It included making sauces, jams, compotes, sorbets, coulis, and gernadine. Wait – Gernadine? What is Grenadine? Glad you asked. It comes from the French word ‘grenade’ meaning pomegranate. Essentially it is a simple syrup made from pomegranate juice and is used in cocktails to add sweetness and color.

We also worked on the GOODIE BAGS provided to each guest. In addition to the information, recipe cards, coupon and bracelet generously provided by POM Wonderful in a calico gift bag, we couldn’t help but ‘jazz’ them up a little to make them more personal. We did this by giving the guests some edible items to savor the pomegranate experience by including: homemade ‘Pomegranate Three Onion Jam‘; with a ‘Pomegranate Crumble Muffin‘; and of course a ‘Fresh Pomegranate‘.

Alright, here is the confession, the opening of the pomegranates looks all too clean and easy, here is what really went on. As you can see below [as did our guests watching as we prepared some arils for the cocktails] if you do it all in the sink there really is very little mess.

During the party, any photographs other than ‘food shots’ were neglected because we were having too much fun to pick up another camera [sorry about that]. Here are a few out-takes from the evening to share with you.

It was a POM WONDERFUL experience, chopping, churning, experimenting and learning all about pomegranates, with a few lessons gathered along the way:

  • Do not wear white when cooking with pomegranates unless you are some ‘Martha Stewart’ super freak and can do anything without getting dirty.
  • Say ‘NO’ to carrara marble and pomegranate juice – if they are left unattended they do not mix well [this party has a few pink pieces of patina on the kitchen island that will remind us of the event for years to come].
  • Do substitute pomegranate juice for any recipe that includes red-wine, apple juice, and orange juice, or any juice for that matter.
  • A great project for kids is to collect all the Pomegranate arils – a little messy and fun. It was just ashame that we didn’t have kids for our sweat shop production line when preparing all the condiments, sauces etc.

All-in-all, hopefully you are inspired to eat, drink and decorate with POM WONDERFUL products – POM Appetit.


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