Brunch || vinegar hill house

What a lovely little house to pop into for some brunch. This Vinegar Hill location will surround you with charm from the minute you approach the building. On the inside copper topped counters, wallpaper patches, and rough hewn tables will make you feel at home whilst the tangled wire light fixtures, pipe organ foot pedals, tapestries and other oddities adorning the walls add some quirky interest. Once nestled into a table enjoy the charming service and the delectable offerings from the well edited menu. Many dishes are served in sizzling hot cast iron pans straight from the woodfire oven that greets you from the far corner of the dining room with its roaring fire. Some favorite flavors included: maple glazed bacon with a nice balance between smoke and sweet; the mound of parmesan toast for dipping into your gooey bright yellow egg and tomato skillet; the neptune benedict special with sweet crab and velvety hollandaise begging for the plate to be licked; the quiche was a maytag custard so light and yet rich it was magical. Plenty of delights for the palate and whimsy for the eyes to be had here.

Vinegar Hill House on Urbanspoon


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