Lucali || because pizza tastes better in brooklyn

A friend recently asked ‘..does pizza really taste better in Brooklyn?’ … well if you go to Lucali the answer is a big fat – YES YES YES [Harry Met Sally – style]. Without a doubt the lines are long so do yourself a favor and get there early to avoid disappointment and frustration. We however got in at 6pm with 6 people and experienced no wait at all, I think everyone was still over stuffed from Thanksgiving [for that we will give thanks]. Apparently the ‘brother-in-law’ is opening another location in Park Slope, the service staff had no other details, this might ease the crowds, then again it might just create yet another frenzy. The decor is suitably rustic with a dozen or so tables dimly lit by candle light. The menu is simple: Pizza; or Calzone, and it is BYOB. The price for an artisanal thin crust brick-oven pie: $24.00 plain and [love this] extra $$ for toppings [what ever that is as there is no list]. I am not going to go on about it other than say – there is no other pizza to be had.

Lucali on Urbanspoon


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