Spotted pig || for lunch

Having had to pass The Spotted Pig up a few times in the past whilst visiting NYC, we were determined to get there this trip. Luck on our side visiting the day before Thanksgiving. We practically had the place to ourselves when we walked in the door, by the time we left it was more like our past attempts with the lines spilling out the door. So was it worth it? Indeed – April Bloomfield sure as heck knows how to turn out some great ‘pub grub’. Our server helped us navigate the menu and insisted we try the: deviled eggs [devilishly good]; chicken liver toast [chopped, not pureed and should not be missed]; gnudi [to absolutely die for, sexy, lush, creamy and so delightful it will have you smiling all day]; shoestring fries [infused with rosemary you won’t be able to stop yourself]; and the grilled cheese [accompanied by seeded mustard and preserves, as a lover of grilled cheese this one is worthy of the calories], she definitely took us down the right culinary road. Thanks for the ride we will be back.

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3 responses to Spotted pig || for lunch

  1. Tim Hartford

    Sweet Jesus that burger was exquisite! That Roquefort cheese just oozing out. The shoestring fries with the slivers of flash-fried garlic and rosemary were sinful! Great suggestion! Thanks!


  2. Krista

    When I was in NY last weekend, I went to April’s new place, The Breslin. Had a great baked egg and chorizo breakfast. Check it out next time!


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