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Momofuku Noodle Bar in the East Village is constantly on the ‘to do’ when in NYC, and the go to bite is always the steamed pork belly buns, this trip they delivered as they have every other bite. However, not to be too predictable we switched it up and ventured into trying the steamed shrimp buns, also very tasty but we could have easily ordered two rounds of the pork. The ramen was also ordered to warm us from the fall chill, and Momofuku do it highbrow, not too ever [and there is no way you could] be mistaken for the ‘add hot water and let them sit for 5 minutes’ variety, truly a pedigree dish worth tucking into. We were told that our wait for the ramen would be a little longer than usual as they had run out of hand cut noodles and they were busy out the back making more. Fresh and delicious and also worthy of a visit for a bowl filled with made-from-scratch goodness. The surprise and super tasty dish of the day was the smoked hamachi – it was butter in your mouth -mmm so good! The little jar of pickled veggies are a delight, and the petite soft-serve ice-cream also a good way to round out your visit. If it isn’t already, this place should go on your ‘check it out’ list. Hold on, before you say it, yes it is another place with another damn long line, so go with the usual trick to avoid the crowds, turn up just before or around opening time and ideally in no more than a pair. Enjoy!

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