Fave finds || hoosier mama

Whether it is a small pie for a host gift, a large pie for dessert or a slice for an indulgent snack Paula has got you covered with her lick smacking pies that make it hard to put your fork down. Pop into the adorable little Hoosier Mama Pie Company shop and pick yourself up a heaping helping of deliciousness, all goodies are baked fresh daily and available for order ahead of time online.

Hoosier Mama Pie Company on Urbanspoon


2 responses to Fave finds || hoosier mama

  1. Krista from PassportDelicious.com

    Stopped into Hoosier Mama a few weeks ago. Definitely love the idea behind this place and how small and cute it is. I ordered a small pumpkin pie and while I loved the filling, I was disappointed in the thinness of the crust on the bottom of the pie. :( But will definitely give HM another shot as I hear their whoopie pies are great.


  2. Claire

    My friends had Hoosier Mama pies at their wedding. Instead of cake, they had a pie table! Since I was pregnant and couldn’t drink, I intoxicated Myself with the best pie in the world!
    I love Paula’s story, too! Sometimes, if you want it done right, you DO need to do it yourself! Thank goodness for Hoosier Mama pie!


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