Holiday merriment!

We spent our first ever Christmas Day in Chicago this year with some dear Australia friends and it truly could not have been any more perfect. It was a wonderful evening spent sharing food, wine and stories with old and new friends. A huge thank-you goes out to Jane & Mattie for all the love they cooked into every dish, the beautiful holiday setting that they conceived, the holiday cheer that they provided, all making some brilliant ever lasting memories. It was a magical evening, and we greatly appreciate you both opening your home to share with us the celebration of the holidays – XX 00.


4 responses to Holiday merriment!

  1. Liz Sack

    Hi Janie,
    Only just seen this now – been doing my own cooking for Daniel and Miri’s arrival!
    I can see that you are your mother’s daughter – your style, your creativity, and what looks like a very yummy meal! Im sure your friends were blown away by all the effort you and Mattie went to. Kol Hakavod!
    We look forward to seeing you in Sydney soon.
    Lots of love


  2. Rob Ross

    You make your Mum proud Janie!!! She sure trained you well and you have added your own artistic talent to boot!Perhaps you can do a repeat performance for us all when you are in Oz?? Can’t wait to see you both soon. Hope your 2011 is filled with fun times, music, dance, great adventures and good health :)


  3. Ruth Katz

    WOW.. Janie!!!!
    this looks totally sensational…!!
    Your creativity, table appointments, all the decor , food….. just unbelievable !!
    you’re a legend!!
    wishing you an awesome 2011!!
    love and miss you guys !!


  4. louise leib

    OMG!!! How amazing …not only Jane and Matty’s flair and hospitality but the incredible way you guys captured the moment!! we wish we were there….
    lots of love and only good wishes for 2011


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