Xoco || what’s for lunch?

Xoco [via] a mexican slang word for ‘little sister’, this little sister didn’t do what its big sister done. She was good, very very good. it took us forever to get to try out Xoco because we just hate standing in lines for food, especially a sandwich. Hoping that the snownami [via] had deterred people from heading downtown, our theory was correct and we were able to get inside the doors. Usually we see a snake of people down the block lined up to get just inside the building. Apparently when you see this line the wait is about 60 minutes, because we were at the end of the line when we got through the door and there was still a 30 minute wait to get lunch. At least they were thoughtful enough to offer us the opportunity to purchase drinks [beer, hot chocolate] to keep us amused while we waited and waited and waited for a sandwich no less. Once we got to the front of the line, we were halted AGAIN, this time they held us back from ordering until a table cleared for us. A table finally became free [another 5-10 minutes], we ordered and then sat and waited for our sandwiches, which didn’t take too long [10 minutes]. Was it worth the wait? No – it is a sandwich. Was the food fabulous tasting and delicious? Yes.

All waiting aside, the tortas truly are packed with flavor and succulent meats. We had a hard time making a decision on what to order [despite the fact that we had so much time to think about it standing in the line]. Do yourself a favor and order take-out to save on some of the wait time. Don’t miss out on the dessert/sweet offerings. We sampled the mexican hot-chocolate whilst waiting in line, good-stuff, it is made on-site from scratch. The toppings to the soft-serve ice-cream [also made on-site] are worth popping in for [only if you can avoid the line]. As a churros fan they turn out a great version worthy of standing up to the street variety you get in Mexico.

Can’t stand long lines? Then next time you find yourself in Terminal One or Three at O’hare Airport head to Tortas Frontera. The menu is very similar to Xoco and of equal standard. Finally somewhere decent to eat at O’Hare and a reason to not hate being delayed by your flight. Oh and the lines are not the 30 – 60 minute wait you can expect downtown they are more like 5 – 15 minutes.

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