Hema’s kitchen || indian birthday celebration

We celebrated a dear friends birthday [shame on us she organized the party herself] with a gathering on Devon’s ‘Desi‘ corridor at Hema’s Kitchen [via] for some made to order lip smackin’ goodness. With a party of seven [7] people they could easily and comfortably accommodate us, so it is recommended as a place to go with a group. We also loved that it was BYOB, so people could bring their own choice of poison and not excessively rack-up the bill.

There is plenty of choices on the menu, and as each dish is cooked to order you can select mild, medium [our preferred choice] or spicy. We had our server assist with selecting some dishes for the entire table. She did a great job bringing just the right amount of food and providing plenty of variety from each part of the menu.

At the end of the meal all of the dishes were empty and our plates licked clean. A truly great experience, although the company might have weighed heavily in making it ‘truly great’. So to keep me honest, I asked each of the guests to answer a few questions to weigh-in with their thoughts on the dining experience. Here is what was said:

1. Describe the atmosphere that you encountered at Hema’s.
Warm oasis on a cold night. Delightfully cheap and cheerful. Festively fun. Bright, cheery, comfortable. Dry.

2. Describe the service.
Dutiful. Helpful and tolerant, but somewhat slow. Quirky and fun. Kind, while a bit hands off. Tentatively tenuous.

3. Describe the menu.
Craftily complete. Fun and quirky. Extensive and delicious. Greek. Everything we wanted, and love that it’s BYO.

4. What was your favorite dish?
The brown one. Anything that is described as fried especially the potato cutlets. Naan! The metals ones. Luscious Lamb.

5. What recommendation and/or tip would you provide to friends about Hema’s Kitchen?
Bring beer; it goes best with Hema’s food….! Go. Enjoy, take bubbles and don’t forget to say hello to Hema herself. Festive for a birthday celebration or other special event. Real deal.

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6 responses to Hema’s kitchen || indian birthday celebration

  1. Crista

    hm. we went to Hema’s in Lincoln Park and we were not impressed. Maybe we should try Devon?


    • Valentine Post Author

      You have to put the price point into perspective, for $15 bucks all that food … you kinda get what you pay for .. it was value for money .. but no fine dining experience. We all had fun!


      • Crista

        Ha! thank you for offering that perspective. i remember the awful service we got……


      • Valentine Post Author

        Yeah it was slow .. but it was to the point of being ‘faulty towers’ comical …. and least it was that night for us .. we were in no hurry .. and got a giggle out of it …


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