Brunch NYC || the breslin

Having enjoyed my ‘Spotted-Pig‘ experience last NYC visit, I wanted to get to ‘The Breslin‘ to check out the delicious offerings. So we headed over to the ACE HOTEL for brunch. I adore the cosy space that the Breslin resides in: big comfy booths; communal tables; romantic lighting [good for hiding tell-tale signs of what you got up to the night before];  and plenty of interesting vignettes created on every inch of wall space. And then there is the ultimate draw-card the food. Fantastic stuff again on this menu, the minute the words ‘suckling pig soup’ and ‘…poached egg’ where muttered I said ‘yes please’ and closed the menu. It was the most extraordinarily delicious thing we ate the whole trip – words don’t describe – just trust me when I tell you it was heaven. Also loved the chips – cooked not once, twice but three times to crispy perfection. It lives up to it’s ‘Spotted Pig‘ reputation. It will have you licking the plate.

Breslin Bar & Dining Room on Urbanspoon


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