Urban culinary adventure || Lalibela

Another urban culinary adventure with a group of friends to a BYOB restaurant. This time we tried out some Ethiopian food at Lalibela’s in Edgewater. Most of us had never experienced Ethiopian food before and we were all quick to become fans. The Injera [bread] for scooping up the food with [no silverware required] is the most delightful food experience.

All-in-all it was another fun-filled evening with the bill coming in with tip at $22.00 a per person. A great spot that has something for everyone on the menu with meat eaters and those that prefer not to. The service is outstanding and the whole experience was fantastic with such a big group [11] there was nothing to fault. I asked the guests to answer a few questions to weigh-in with their thoughts on the dining experience. Here is what was said in a few words or one, and in no particular order:

1. Describe the atmosphere that you encountered at Lalibela’s.
Post-y. Bright, casual and comfortable. Cozy. Hazy [went there after the Cubs season opener]. Caribbeanesque. Nice small space, warm and comfortable, tall throne-like chairs. Warm, comfortable.

2. Describe the service.
Tranquil. Fantastic. Friendly. Yes. Accommodating. Great… the owner told us what to order, and took charge of our group, we loved everything he selected. Attentive.

3. Describe the menu.
Numbered. Lots of vegetarian options. Big. Extensive. Vegetarian’s dream. Lots of great choices. Varied & traditional.

4. What was your favorite dish?
Cow. The Beef. Squash. Beef [not sure of the name]. The pickled veggie salad and the wonderful bread – injera. The brown one.

5. What recommendation and/or tip would you provide to friends about Lalibela’s?
5631 N Ashland Ave. Beer goes well with the food. Byo- yay! Good for a big group or an intimate occasion. Give it a go. Order the veggie platter. Vegetables rock. Be sure to try the vegetarian platter – sharing with table is essential part of the experience.

Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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