Grilled cheese || hollywood grill

The epitome of ‘cheap & cheerful’, this place is [in my opinion] the only place in town for a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato & bacon piled with crinkle cut fries to cure what ails you. Hollywood Grill has been around for years [since 1995] and still serving up good quality food, fast and inexpensively. Classic, predictable diner food, there is no reinventing the wheel, and that is why I like it. The service at the counter is the best place to be, and you get to watch the unflappable kitchen staff churn out dish after dish without missing a beat. They are open 24 hrs 7 days a week and they have free parking too.

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3 responses to Grilled cheese || hollywood grill

  1. Krista

    Do they crinkle their own fries though?? Have fond memories of a dive bar by campus when I was in university where they plucked a potato out of a sack, quickly peeled it, then put it through the crinkle-cutter and into the hot oil! Best fries ever.


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