Address || personalizing the stamp

I have looked high and low for a way to creatively ‘stamp’ our address onto mail, do you know how hard it is to find something unique, or fits two long last names with an address. And — Yes I do still send mail to people the old-fashioned way, who doesn’t love getting cards and notes in the mail. I wish more people would sent it over an email. I rush to the mailbox everyday hunting for postcards, colored envelopes or creatively handmade cards, and hand written notes. I don’t get many but when I do they are cherished and displayed on a pin-board and/or kept in archival boxes. Anyway, in my pursuit to dress up the ‘snail-mail‘ I came across these clever and highly original one-of-a-kind personalized stamps. I had to get one, and finally it arrived in the mail today all the way from France. Yay!

These stamps were handmade by the ever so talented Lise of Lilimandrill located in Cherbourg, France. Her tagline states ‘made with love & patience’ and you can tell. To get your own face stamp, here is the process:

  1. You go online and purchase a stamp [$70.00 for two faces / $40.00 for one face].
  2. Once you have paid [it’s quick using paypal], you then send a photo that you would like to use for the sketch.
  3. Lise then sends you a sketch [she truly is talented] for your approval.
  4. If you are happy with the sketch [first version I loved], Lise then gets busy carving the creation into a stamp.
  5. You then get given a chance to look at the stamp she creates for your final approval [again – loved it first go].
  6. Once you’re happy Lise beautifully wraps your stamp & mails it to you.

So what are you waiting for? I am sure if you ask – Lise will do faces for the whole family and maybe even a pet too [see more of her work here]? When you order one from the Lilimandrill online store, please don’t forget to send me some snail-mail with the finished product. For our ‘address’ stamp, I got an old-school stamp with just our address to use with our faces. I am also going to use them to stamp some muslin bags that I got online, to dress up little host/hostess gift packaging, I am sure I will find a million other things to stamp. Thanks Lise [also check out her work and blog] – Love it!


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