W&W || vegetarian dinner II

YAY – we must have been well-behaved at our last dinner event as we were invited back for another feast lovingly prepared and cooked by the magical W&W cooking team. This time we ventured to Waseem’s house for the festivities. The house is so warming, filled with a mix of the old & new and lots of treasures from travels and family. It has a refined elegance that makes anyone, from any walk of life, feel comfortable and at ‘home’ the minute you step inside, the house embraces you.

The large windows of this top floor condo beam loads of light into the modern kitchen allowing the chefs to stand at the stove stirring and frying and toasting away whilst they chat to the guests. Together everyone sips their champagne, and the conversations start to become more and more animated.

Meanwhile I sneak off to take a few pictures, whilst back in the kitchen many dishes for our banquet are being created out of the pages of a beautiful leather-bound notebook meticulously filled with clipped recipes, and hand written notes from family members. A treasure that I am sure the Nieces and Nephews will one day fight over as to who gets to inherit it [I am campaigning to have my name put in the hat too]. It is truly poetic you can feel the love lifting off the pages as you touch it.

Eventually, after several bottles of bubbles and some very lively and interesting conversations, dinner was ready. We all found a cosy spot to claim as our own and sat down to enjoy all the colorful and aromatic dishes that had been prepared for us. The meal was served family style and consisted of five hungry people at a large wooden table digging into:

  • Turai: carmelized zucchini from the pages of the family recipe book [sneak peek click here].
  • Palak Dal: lentils & spinach from this recipe [click here].
  • Masoor Dal: red lentils [sneak peek recipe from ‘The Book’]
  • Aloo Zerra: potatoes with roasted cumin [sneak peek recipe]
  • Raita: plain yogurt spiced with red pepper and roasted cumin
  • Achar: green mangos [green mangoes pickled in oil with a bunch of spices – best brand ‘ahmed’] and the green peppers [pickled green peppers – best brand ‘shan’]
  • Jasmine rice from Northern Pakistan-the Himilayas
  • Black Dog Gelato: oreo mint, chocolate, malted vanilla, salted peanut
  • Assortment of Digestif [pick your poison]

As we went back for seconds and thirds, indulged in sweet treats and sipped on a nightcap, not once were we conscientious to the fact that there wasn’t a single ‘critter’ [Waseem’s words] that had been sacrificed for this meal. Another delightful vegetarian experience.

Thanks W&W again for making dinner for my Brother during his visit, you really put yourselves out for us and we felt totally spoilt.


One response to W&W || vegetarian dinner II

  1. Sahar

    Warmed my heart, I could smell the beautiful aroma of the aaloo zeera and basmati rice while reading the description, brought back lots of memories.

    Mamoo is, a man with a heart the size of the world, he loves to share and takes such great delight in making people experience new tastes and flavours. The first time I ever had sushi, snails and many others was with him.
    Wendy has a great flair for cooking, no one makes better biscotti, thanks for sharing the recipei Wendy.

    Really well written piece, you can be certain you will be invited again, hope I am there too!


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