Hot-diggity-dawg || 40th birthday

WOW! Officially I think this means I am meant to be an adult now. Forget about it! That’s why I chose Franks’n’Dawgs for my 40th birthday celebration, fun, casual and insanely fantastic dawgs. Discovered during a work-out on the elliptical watching Andrew Zimmern’s Bizzare Foods, it looked so delicious I set my husband off to see if we could host a party there, long story short [the owner – Alexander Brunacci is also from Melbourne – my hometown], an exchange of emails and a visit later the date was set.
Let the party start …

On the night the Franks’n’Dawgs team made it an incredibly memorable and wonderful evening.They were super accommodating and filled with great ideas. I can’t thank them enough for such a fun time, and for the tasty treats. Many had never visited before and he now has 50 new customers.

The food lives up to its tag line ‘five star dining on a bun‘. Alexander has got this place buttoned up and sorted out, every dish is consistent in quality and surprises. There are real Chefs at the helm [not minimum wage employees with a pulse] they are passionate about the food they create and they deliver. Lots of the items are made-in-house and others are sourced or made in collaboration with another top quality food purveyor [such as those to-die-for buns]. Where do I start with recommendations here.

The sides are a meal to themselves with the clear winner for the night being the ‘Triple Truffle Fries‘ [yukon gold waffle cut fries, truffle oil, truffle butter, truffle salt & freshly chopped herbs] crispy crunchy salty fried goodness. Someone requested that I make them the ‘Brussel Sprouts Salad‘ [shaved brussel sprouts, blood orange oil, lemon zest, toasted pistachios, dill & parmesan cheese] I think next time they come over I am going to just buy some from Franks’n’Dawgs there is no way anyone could top it. And then we come to the ‘Lyonnaise Fries’ pictured above [hand cut fries, braised pig cheek, arugula, poached egg & a dijon mustard vinaigrette] are you kidding me – so good – they are worth the trip alone.

I think you if want to take the guess-work out of it order the ‘Dawg Flight’  as pictured above, it is a sausage sampler [Chef’s selection of 3 house made sausage sandwiches & fries] who could resist that offer. One of our vegetarian friends said that the ‘FU’ [marinated tofu with grilled eggplant relish, caramelized portabellas, Italian salsa verde & chèvre] was some of the best tofu they had ever eaten. You can’t go wrong, select a meat lamb, turkey, beef, pork and go for it. Or try the ‘Mystery Corn Dawg’ [gourmet sausage generously coated in Anson Mills polenta batter] and let your taste buds decide what you just bit into.

If you love burgers & hot-dogs and gourmet food then check this place out. You will be delighted to no end. Oh! And one last tip – save room for dessert. The ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ dessert dog [french toast, stuffed with chocolate ice cream, bananas, kiwis, strawberries, freeze-dried mango, chopped almonds & butterscotch sauce] is not to be missed or over looked as it is shockingly crave worthy. Did I mention it is BYOB? Bonus.

Thanks everyone that attended it was a great way to kick-off the 4-Oh.
A huge thanks to Nathan Mandel Photography for capturing the evening.

Franks 'N' Dawgs on Urbanspoon


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