Party favors || 70th birthday

Here are some party favors that were made for my ‘Mom-in-Law’s’ 70th Birthday Party at a restaurant with all the family. Wanting to decorate the space a little, but make it easy to transport from IL to MI and quickly add to the table, came this creation. Little party favors filled with goodies for kids of all ages and sizes. They were easy to put together, with most of the time spent on printing and cutting out the photos, colored squares and dots.

The goodies including the ribbon, tissue paper, and contents of the boxes all were purchased in one trip to Cost Plus World Market. They are always stocked with great items for dinner party settings and little favors they have a never ending supply of inspiration. The take-out containers were originally purchased from a restaurant supply store for a brunch party where we had a mix-and-match cereal bar. They are sold in lots of 450-500 so we will be looking for a million ways from sunday to use them up. They are also great for packing up homemade ice-cream as host/hostess gifts.

For more party favor ideas click here and here.


2 responses to Party favors || 70th birthday

  1. Carol aka "Mom-in-Law"

    I feel like a celebrity! Thanks for posting and reminding me once again about my wonderful birthday party. I was just telling another friend about the neat little favors you and Bob put together for my 70th! You are awesome! Hugs, Carol


    • Valentine Post Author

      You are a celebrity – kids of baby-boomers stumble upon this post in their search for party favors for 70th birthdays everyday.


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