Korean bbq || good anytime

We woke up really hungry this particular morning and decided that Korean BBQ would be ideal to feed our gurgling stomachs. Unsure where to head a few emails and facebook responses later it was unanimous that we should head to ‘San Soo Gab San‘. When we arrived around 10.15am we were the only people in the place so service was fast and attentive. From the outside and even the interior it doesn’t amount to much, but add the food and you have something worth visiting for.

We ordered some appetizers to get us going whilst we waited for the burning hot coals to arrive so we could cook our feast. In hind-sight we really didn’t need to add these extra dishes for just two people. However, the oysters were juicy-fried-crispy deliciousness and the dumplings were equally as good.


The main event, was – well – a main event. They arrived at the table and started piling and stacking all the little side dishes to go with the BBQ. I have no clue on how to begin identifying all the dishes [known as Banchan – over here at wikipedia you can try and match the dish name to the picture if you like] . I can tell you which ones jumped out as favorites: the little magic black beans; the sweet sticky and yet salty little fishes; everything that was pickled with spices; and the lotus root – also pickled. We ordered octopus and beef short rib for the BBQ they came with rice and a big bowl of soup and a pile of green lettuce leaves for wrapping everything up in. Yep they make you cook and compose your own dinner: Step 1: Cook the meat of your choice to your desired level of done-ness. Step 2: grab a lettuce leaf and add some rice. Step 3: Place the meat into your little parcel. Step 4: Add in the desired condiments from the selection of little dishes. Step 5: Wrap everything up and enjoy. Step 6: Repeat until you are ready for someone to roll you away.

It was a wonderful experience, one we are heading back for, but in the end the BBQ won, we just couldn’t get through all the side dishes, and we hardly poked a spoon at the soup, having filled up with appetizers.

San Soo Gab San on Urbanspoon


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