Robin’s nest || observations

Thursday April 21 – The Robin seems to have finished her nest-building. She hasn’t been sitting in the nest, but is never far away keeping a watchful eye on the place. Apparently they can lay eggs 3 times in a season, however only 40% of the nest are successful with hatching, and then only 25% of those eggs that hatch survive.

Friday April 22 – Started recording nest data on Nest Watch, a nest-monitoring project developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in collaboration with the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, and funded by the National Science Foundation. The site helps with global environmental monitoring to understand the causes of and solutions for species declines. It’s been raining all day and Robin is nowhere to be seen.

Saturday April 23 – Early in the morning the Robin was spotted sitting on the nest, whilst the male sat close-up keeping an eye on her. For the rest of the day she was not seen at all.

Sunday April 24 – This morning she is on the nest, looking very cozy, could it be we are going to get eggs today?

Sunday April 24 @ 11.45am – Happy Easter! We have a bright blue Robin’s Egg. Fingers crossed all goes well, and maybe we get some more eggs tomorrow.

To follow the story from the start click here.


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