Italian BYOB || terragusto cafe [Closed]


Terragusto has two locations with a third on the way. Some friends invited us along for a night out on the town so we ventured over to the 1851 W. Addison Street address with our BYO-bottle[s] of vino in hand. When you pass by this place during the day you can witness the chefs using the front table to roll out and prepare the fresh pasta to be consumed later in the evening.

Upon arrival the place was packed to the rafters, but we didn’t have to wait long for our table. Once seated we were promptly attended to with opening of wine, pouring of water, placement of bread and introductions to the menu. We all were quick to decide that the chef’s menu would suit our needs, and it took the work out of deciding what to order so we could get back to our conversations. Once the food started arriving we weren’t disappointed in our decision. Let the feast begin.

We had already started the evening with an Aperitivio over at Tiny Lounge. So here we were into the wine and with it the Antipasto consisting of a salad, cured meats, fresh bread, marinated vegetables, and mozzarella di bufala. Everything was fresh and was showing good signs of a great meal.

Then it was onto Primo course, always my favorite – the pasta course. The homemade pastas took me back to Italy immediately. They were delicate allowing you can taste all the ingredients. I really loved the Neri – visually beautiful, and the noodles themselves – heaven.

Then the Secondo & Contoro course. The Contoro [side dish] of roasted cauliflower and potato has left me with a new roasted vegetable addiction a brilliant combination [usually I steer way from two white veggies in one dish]. The rainbow trout and braised pork shank were honored with their preparation. The team in this kitchen can turn out a great family style / italian trattorio meal. And to top it all off they combined the Fromaggio & Dolce into one course with two simple but seasonally gratifying desserts. The whole experience was great, and we hope that you have the same experience if you check it out. Thanks for the intro to this place M&S, we give it the thumbs-up.

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