Easter || round up

I don’t recall having this much fun at Easter in a long time, catching up with friends over food and sharing of wine. This was one of three events we attended this year. All very different, and yet each one as enriching as each other. Here I am sharing Easter as enjoyed with Ms.Nina. She through the event together because she wanted to cook and eat ham. We are all glad she had such a desire to do so, as it was delicious.

Nina’s creative abilities carry over well beyond her day job [she owns the eponymous and very adorable knitting store on Division]. Her light filled loft is a careful curation of pieces loving added from her Sister and Mother’s collections dabbled with modern pieces. There are little mementos collected on her world travels and from adventures living in different parts of the US. It is a modern-eclectic abode that has well placed small objects to catch-your eye, and you just know they have a story to tell. The sweeping open floor-plan is perfect for entertaining, with furniture cleverly positioned to enable small intimate conversations and large group activities all at once. Just what this group needed for this Easter gathering.

The dinner was a fantastic spread, we are still nibbling on leftovers. The pea and crispy proscuitto crostini was a delicious little bite. The fennel celery salad was a wonderful crunchy contrast to the ultra creamy ‘lip-smacking-good’ scalloped potatoes [fave should be its own food group]. There were some beans in there, and some amazingly crafted focaccia bread too. However, it was the baked ham that took center stage: it was tender not rubbery; a little hint of smoke; rosy in color; with the perfect balance of salty to sweet; and even better when you get some as leftovers.

The dessert buffet was filled with more enticing bites: lemon pound cake with fresh raspberries; almond biscotti; and chocolate brownies; served in nice sized single mouthfuls. I filled my bag with a few for the next morning enabling us to savor the evening into the next day.

Thanks for the invitation. We hope that you make this an annual event and that we are on the invite list. We thoroughly enjoyed every morsel we got to nibble on, every sip of wine we were offered, and every word that was exchanged. It was so wonderful to mingle with so many of your groups of friends all at once. We are not religious people, but we do believe in human kindness and it was in abundance in your hospitable and happy home.


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