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At Feed Restaurant you are going to get fed. The food is not fancy and it is not trying to be. It is just honest-to-goodness value-for-money home cooking. The specialize in chicken, but do have some pork and fish sandwiches on the menu. We usually get it to go because we live so close, but occasionally we pop in for dinner with our BYO-bottles of wine or beer.

When getting ‘to-go’ we get the whole chicken [available in three sizes: quarter; half; and whole} and sides, it makes for great leftovers for lunch. When dining in we typically opt for the 1/4 chicken it is plenty of food as the sides are heaping helpings. The chicken is cooked via rotisserie, crispy skin and consistently cooked to be tender and juicy on the inside. The place is well worth a visit if you want home cooking quick, easy and downright tasty. We dine here at least 4 times a month.

On a side note. We also joke when we go here that it is going to be ‘Mum’s Shout’ [Aussie slang – meaning Mum is going to pay for everyone]. We say this, as during one visit that my Mum was in town we had taken her all over for some great dinners [Blackbird, 160 Blue, Avec etc.] picking up the tab along the way [she deserves it – love you Mum]. One night we decided to head to Feed on the way there Mum insisted that she paid this time. We laughed as she had no idea what the place was all about. We let her order and the bill for three people was less than $25 bucks – good one Mum.

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