Easter || round up part 2

I don’t know anyone that has such an extensive collection of Victorian decor. Sue’s collections also include a large selection of items that cover every holiday you can imagine and then some in-between. We all get excited when we receive holiday invites to Sue’s to see what fabulous decor has been amassed and displayed. It’s like being a kid and going to your favorite Aunts house except with lots of free flowing wine and tempting treats to nibble on.

We were invited over for Easter Brunch. Starting with cocktails and nibbles in the parlor, whist brunch was cooking away and being prepared upstairs in the dining room. We snacked on delicious fresh asparagus that had a zippy wasabi dipping sauce, crackers & fish dip, and of course bubbles and glasses of rose to get us started on our merry way. All served up on antique silver serving ware and english countryside inspired vegetable motif platters.

The Easter hunt at Sue’s house wasn’t for chocolate eggs it was more like a hunt to count how many different Easter rabbits you could find thoughtfully tucked into bookshelves or onto mantels in masses of flowers. There were also freely perched decoupage eggs on staircase railings and a giant gold bunny in the fireplace grasping onto a beautiful bouquet of purple spring flowers. Everywhere you looked there was something to catch your eye and with it questions to be asked, such as where in the world do you store all these goodies, and where do you find all these wonderful treasures?

Sue has been collecting for many years scouring flea markets and antiques stores all over the world, and has received many items from her Sister who also shares similar interest with collecting these treasures.

Once we had surveyed the Easter display, which by-the-way starts at the front gate, once you enter the garden you are gleefully greeted by a parade of rabbits in varying shapes, sizes and forms all the way to the front door. We then moved onto brunch gathered around the large and very regal dining table, where we all should have come more suitably dressed and worn Easter bonnets to honor the surroundings.

The meal was delicious, apple and walnut salad, ham, scalloped potatoes, brussel sprouts and the obligatory lamb shaped butter. With a few glasses already shared each the event turned into something that more likely resembled a ‘mad-hatters-tea-party’ obviously sans hats. There were many a toast and pouring of wine & with it the silliness pursued well into the afternoon, even beyond the peach schnapps. We may have got carried away and forgotten to say ‘Grace’, but none-of-us will forget the good time we had.

Thanks Sue for including us in your Easter celebrations, the attention to every detail from the cuisine to the Easter ornamentation was greatly appreciated, and was only just surpassed by the company, what a rollicking good time, it still makes us smile when we talk about it.


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