Birthday || maine event

After my Husband made my 40th so special, the pressure was on to ensure that his birthday was equally enjoyable and memorable. This offer from Gilt Groupe [if you haven’t joined already here is a link] popped into my inbox and instantly the ‘birthday dinner’ was taken care of and for 50% off. Yay – more cash to spend on the present. The process was easy. I ordered on Gilt and then went to Get Maine Lobster, added my coupon code and dinner was on its way. Then it was onto making sure the table decor was fun & festive.

Wanting to stick with a ‘Maine’ theme, I went about finding items to decorate with. Here is what I found:

  • Vintage lobster table-cloth on burlap with a plastic coating found on Ebay at total score for $18 bucks including shipping.
  • Tissue Paper lobsters & crabs scored on oddly enough a costume shop.
  • Natural Fish netting found also at anytime costumes.
  • Lobster claw crackers that also double as nut crackers & the Lobster picks were found on Amazon.
  • Lobster stamp for the place cards found on Etsy at Maddys Supply Store.
  • Lobster dish towels utilized as bibs found on Amazon.
  • Suspender clips for making bibs were found on Etsy at the Sassy Paci Boutique, also useful for making into pacifier clips.
  • The dessert cups were a score from a spring sample sale at Morlen Sinoway Gallery here is Chicago – swoon worthy items.
  • Dinnerware by Rosenthal and best prices are at Paris Jewelers.
  • Ribbon & tissue paper collected at Paper Source for the party favors.

The decor was more time-consuming than making the dinner, as I wanted to keep the menu as simple as possible to allow the mussels & lobster to take center stage. Here is what was served up on the menu:

Dessert was strawberries marinated in balsamic with fresh cracked pepper and sugar, we ate it too quickly and I forgot to get a picture. The mussels and lobsters came packed with ice packs, and I will admit it was hard to cook them as they did come shipped live, however they did not live their lives in vain, we honored them and ate every single morsel and even made lobster stock from the shells. The service from Mark at ‘Get-Maine-Lobster’ was fantastic and the quality of the produce was outstanding. It made for a wonderful birthday dinner party.


One response to Birthday || maine event

  1. Krista

    WOW. Now that’s a good party! Love the attention to detail in the decor. Must plan a baby shower shortly and you’ve given me many ideas!


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