Old school || club lago

Club Lago has been on the scene since 1952 and remains unchanged.

The food looks like it has leaped off the pages of a 1950’s cookbook right down to the plates it is served from and the silverware that is provided. What makes that french dressing so orange? I thought a french dressing was meant to be a vinaigrette, but more surprising, and I know it was out of a jar, it still tasted great, just like everything here, it’s situational. Or is it because I am always distracted, eavesdropping, for some reason this place is filled with ‘natures theatre’ attracting a solid cast of Chicago characters.

The best thing on the menu is for sure the meatballs. Order them as a side with some bread and make a sandwich. Delicious. If you are a visitor to Chicago the decor is worthy of a visit even if it is just to pop in for a beer. If you live in Chicago and haven’t experienced a meal at Club Lago you must go at least once it is an institution worthy of your participation.

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