Harbor country || eat

There are many places in Harbor Country, Michigan that we love to stop for eats, here are a few of our favorites.

A favorite stop in Three oaks is Froehlich’s for a sandwich, sometimes depending on the weather soup. A great place to pick-up some homemade jams and canned tomatoes. They have even been featured on Food Network – Food Finds. Everything is always fresh and flavorful.

Froehlich Incorporated on Urbanspoon

Whistle Stop
Another favorite food stop when in Harbor Country, this one is in Union Pier. They have a great selection of wines, cheese, chocolates, fresh-baked goods, and other pre-made delights perfect for a picnic on the beach, or nestled into one of the outdoor picnic tables.

Whistle Stop Grocery on Urbanspoon

Driers – Butcher Shop
This is the most adorable butcher shop, and I am not the only one that thinks so, as it is on the National Registry of Historical Interiors. Pop in when you are in Three Oaks, and pick up some smoked meats, and a few steaks.

In the warmer months there are many other farmer’s stands and farmers markets that are available offering up local produce and products.


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  1. M. Mead

    Check out ‘The Danger Box’ by Blue Balliett. A mystery concerning a rare stolen notebook written by Charles Darwin based in Three Oaks. You will discover the towns founding father Warren Featherstone and his massive buggy whip factory… the post office, pharmacy, Warren’s massive mansion as well as the places mentioned above.


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