Harbor country || shop

There are many places in Harbor Country Michigan that we adore visiting, here are a few of my favorites stores that we always stop into.

Ipso Facto
I hardly leave here without buying something. Brandon the owner, is not only a wonderful person, he has an excellent eye for interesting pieces, and he is also the owner of Trilogy.

Trilogy is a collective of sellers with a wide variety of wares to offer including: furniture; paintings; prints; sculptures; homewares; you name it.

Harbert Antiques
This place is huge, and filled to the brim with stuff to sort though and admire. I have found some great items here, always fun just for a look it’s almost a museum.

Marco Polo
This store provides a wonderful selection of American and European antiques and vintage finds. These photos are from their website [I was busy snapping up items vs. photos].

Cooney’s Hardware
I am sharing this as I love the look of the building and the beautiful old lumber store houses. Some one please rescue them. They are amazing and deserve a second life.

Harbour Country is only a short drive from Chicago and can be made into a day trip for a wonderful day of shopping & grazing. For ideas on where to eat you can click here. Wanting to stay a little longer you can always stay at a charming B&B here or rent a cottage here.


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