Trip || european adventure

Today I am feeling nostalgic for a wonderful experience that happened this time last year. A vacation that covered a whirlwind of Europe starting in Rome and ending in Paris. It was be eighteen days, visiting ten cities in six countries covering: Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, and France. It is a memory that not many kids get to experience and I encourage you to find the opportunity to travel on a journey with your parents as an adult. Together we explored and encountered some amazing sights, sounds smells and tastes, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones along the way. Looking at the pictures and thinking of the trip always brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

Thanks Mum & Dad for the magical journey. It will forever be cherished.

I created a travel journal complete with a detailed daily itinerary for my parents so that they would be able to see where we are going, and remember where we have been. These pages are just a sneak peek to the look of the document, which we had printed out and bound for the trip. I carried it as a PDF on my iPad along with all the confirmation details, tickets etc. As the ‘Tour Director’ I was responsible for all the research, planning and bookings. As I was researching I used the journal to document tips and things to do, places to eat etc. that were of interest from friends and from all over the web. I know some of the information is copyright, and I cut, pasted and edited or plagiarized, but the journal was created with the intent for personal use not as a publication so I don’t feel so bad, plus it saved me having a disorganized pile of printed out materials.

Here are a photo or two from every day of the vacation to share with you.


3 responses to Trip || european adventure

  1. Graham

    History repeats, only other person to storm Europe as quick was General Patton and the 8th, army and we consumed the same amout of food.


  2. Anita

    We still get a lot of pleasure looking at the photos of a trip that will always be remembered and would never have been taken without your incredible organisation. Thankyou K & B Luv M & D


  3. Carol

    Love to see the ‘bound’ book, Karen! Next time you are this way, feel free to bring it along! Pictures look awesome!


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