GE || graham elliot

Graham Elliot has the claim to being Chicago’s first ‘bistronomic‘ restaurant in the city. It serves up food with a sense of humor and a whole lot of surprising combinations and flavor profiles. A great recommendation fit for any foodies. Here is what we ate:

popcorn: truffle oil + black pepper + parmesan fluff

caviar: shad roe + garden sorrel + panna cotta  [no photo]

foiepop: foie gras + sea salt + pop rocks

caesar: gem lettuce + brioche twinkie + white anchovy

onion: whipped marrow + foraged ramp + gruyere lace

salmon: dill pollen + creme fraiche + pea pod

skate: ham hock + fava bean + corn meal

chicken: israeli couscous + baby carrot + honey granule

dreamsicle: mandarin + orange cream + soda spritzer [no photo]

chocolate: jivara cremeux + manjari ganache + ancho chili

And then came a kitchen tour: where these little nuggets were to be enjoyed = sea salt + chocolate + profiteroles

The place can get very lively at times, and frequently attracts large groups contributing to the noise level. We always enjoy ourselves here and look forward to some of the staples on the menu like the ‘foie-pops’ and the ‘caesar salad’. The popcorn can sometimes be a little soggy when it is humid out or if it has not just been made, but the new popcorn maker on this trip seems to have hit it out of the park. The kitchen tour is a nice touch, were they invite tables to head into the kitchen to see behind the scenes and sample one more little bite. Always inventive and never dull, but sometime challenging, and in our books that is a good thing.

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