Grahamwich || lunchstop [CLOSED]

We dropped into Grahamwich for lunch this past weekend whilst running errands downtown. The interior space is adorable and sets a good impression upon approach. The line was fast-moving and so too the crowd with eating their selected eats & drinks, making space constantly available to find somewhere to dine in this small space.

We ordered two sandwiches and a drink. I can never go past a ‘grilled-cheese-sandwich‘ especially when it comes with tomato marmalade + prosciutto + wisconsin cheddar + cheese curds + pullman loaf. I loved my choice, and usually we halve and then share all our meals so we can try lots of different things, with this sandwich all I allowed was a bite. Loved it.

My husband ordered the ‘wagyu beef sandwich‘ that included grainy mustard + arugula + yukon gold potatoes + onion rings + pretzel roll. He was underwhelmed with the sandwich, but he did think it was satisfying, but could do with a little something extra to make it ‘stand-out’.

We shared the ‘orange ginger‘ soda. It was bright orange, I was wondering if I was going to glow in the dark from drinking it, and then there was the super sweet taste to it with little to no hints of ginger, undoubtedly it was fun looking and made us smile.

We would go back to visit next time we are in the area, as a total experience: the service; packaging; concept; architecture; interior design; and menu this place is a pleasant experience, but the food doesn’t stand out on its own.

Grahamwich on Urbanspoon


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