Fitzgerald’s || bistro pub

When in Sawyer Michigan and you get hungry pop into Fitzgerald’s for a spot of lunch or dinner, or every third saturday for some dancing in the evening. It’s a charming bistro pub with an English Chef at the helm and he sure knows how to rustle up some english pub grub. If the food doesn’t get you, you will be delighted by the sunshine cozy interior with a huge and very beautiful mahogany bar taking center stage, and you will also find the nicest restaurant / bar staff around.

We popped in for dinner and sampled a few cocktails before tucking in to the food. We skipped the salads and went straight for the good stuff opting for Aussie [and English] classics. We started with the Fish and Chips consisting of cod filets in Fitzgerald’s own ‘mad hatter batter’ served up with hand-cut fries, lightly curried coleslaw, and  malt vinegar [very civilized] is provided too. I love fish & chips and have to head to Australia to get a decent serving, but now I know I can drive from Chicago to get these next time I crave some, hands-down-bowing-to-the-Chef fantastic.

Then it was a Steak and Mushroom Pie, only available Thursday through the weekend, consists of slow-braised steak finished with a mixture of wild and domestic mushrooms in homemade, super-rich beef gravy, under a golden crust, the staff recommends it and so do we. We split these two dishes and they came out with the dessert menu when done. You know what we ordered for dessert? ANOTHER round of the fish & chips, they were that good, the coleslaw was ‘meh’, too heavy with the dressing, the rest = divine.

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