Brunch date || duchamp [CLOSED]

We stopped into Duchamp with some friends for Brunch. The interior space is very welcoming, fun and fitting to it’s name after Marcel Duchamp from the Dadaist movement. I love the long lines of wooden tables combined with the Kartell Victoria Ghost chairs, dark grey walls and interesting dada-esque art work. Last time we ate here it just after they opened the outdoor patio. Luck with Chicago weather was not available at this time of the year, as it was pouring out, so we sat inside to enjoy our dining experience.

The food was delicious. Simple, not fussy, but inventive. We started with the sweet and savory doughnut covered with a bourbon glaze & bacon powder, it delivered the flavors as described and I could have eaten 2 or 3 of them. The house-cured salmon with crème fraiche, pickled ramps, fried capers served on a grilled flatbread was a winning dish, and not in the Charlie Sheen sense, it was positively good. Crispy bread was crispy and held up well to the ingredients, making every bite a delight.

I thoroughly enjoyed the eggs benedict, with nueske bacon served on a grilled ciabatta with smoked hollandaise, the smoke was perfect for the delicately poached eggs, not over powering and rounded out the bacon. This one comes highly recommended, along with the brand of teas that they have on offer, I can’t recall the brand, but next time I am back I will be taking note and grabbing some for myself. Pleasant experience. The menu is not huge but the dishes we sampled show they offer quality.

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