Ice-cream || margie’s candies

A Chicago institution since 1921, heck the Beatles even visited in 1965, and they have their own wikipedia page. It is a must visit, and I bet you can’t just go once. The ice-cream is dreamy.

There is not a visitor that comes to Chicago that we don’t take to experience this adorable little dive-ice-cream-candy-store [plus we use them as an excuse to visit often]. The lines are often out the door on a weekend and almost everyday over the summer months. The place hasn’t changed much since about the 50’s with a smattering of some 70’s wallpaper. They do serve some standard diner fare [burgers, toasted sandwiches and such], but it is really the ice-cream that has them [and us] lined up out the door. Served up in oversized clamshells, sink your spoon into the creamy homemade ice-cream drizzled with warm gooey hot fudge sauce from a silver gravy boat, sprinkled in pecans, topped with whipped cream and of course a cherry. The menu is extensive with ice-cream offerings covering ice-cream sundaes and shakes of every description each one as equally satisfy as the other.

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2 responses to Ice-cream || margie’s candies

  1. Chris Bradley

    I took my daughter (4) there one evening for some fabled ice cream. It was one of those experiences that slowly declined in it’s amusement as I became nauseous from ice cream oriented gluttony (so good) and she became hyperactive from a sugar overdose. And I am entirely serious when I say I can’t wait to do it again. Mmmmm…


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