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We are super excited to get on a flight this weekend to finally get us to Africa. I don’t think I have ever been more excited about a trip as much as this one. It is a life long dream realized. I seriously can’t wait for the ‘extraoridnary journey’ to begin. Lions, and rhinos, and giraffes – oh my!

And speaking of ‘Extraordinary Journeys‘, before we get there, I wanted to share with you the wonderful team that we utilized to help us organize our African Journey. We were introduced to this company back in March through Gilt Groupe [click here for an invitation] and their JetSetter site [click the photo to connect].

Research confused on what countries to go, when to go, I felt that the window of opportunity for getting to Africa for my 40th birthday were slipping away. A ‘Southern Africa Safari’ involving some Voluntourism became available on Jetsetter that I noticed one Friday morning, the glossy picture, the amazing hotel and the description of the program sounded fantastic. On a whim I called the tour company directly [Extraordinary Journeys] and asked if we could add some other activities onto the tour, the answer was yes. I hung up grabbed a credit card and booked.

The person we spoke to on the phone that day was Elizabeth Gordon, one half of the mother-daughter team at Extraordinary Journeys. The minute you have one brief conversation with Elizabeth you will quickly understand why she was named Top Travel Agent under 30 for 2010 by Travel Agent Magazine. She is fast to respond, filled with great energy and enthusiasm and extremely well versed and experience with all things Africa. She made the whole process so easy. Over the phone and a few brief emails I explained what sort of travelers we were and what things we like to do, in turn she provided us with the PERFECT itinerary. One and done. We booked it immediately. All the stress and feelings of being overwhelmed with choices were taken care of. All that was left was to get a plane ticket to Africa, pack and enjoy.

If you are going to Africa you really can’t do it without a travel agent. We did enquire with a few other companies [Abercrombie & Kent & Micato] both experiences we felt like we were treated like ‘tire-kickers’ when we were genuinely interested in booking as soon as possible. In fact the experience had us procrastinating, and left us feeling even more intimated, we just wanted to be educated not dictated to with our decision-making. That’s why we choose Extraordinary Journeys you can feel their passion to share their experience with Africa with you, and you know they are ecstatic to take you on – well – an ‘extraordinary journey,’ one they have experienced themselves. Thanks EJAfrica – we love you!

UPDATE: Here is a link to the ACTUAL EXPERIENCE just click here – it was so unbelievable: Thanks EJ & Jetsetter.


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